Celebrate Uniqueness Something Splendid Co Personalized Gift Collections

Celebrate Uniqueness Something Splendid Co Personalized Gift Collections

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Whether you are looking for a unique birthday gift idea or a thoughtful holiday present, customized gift box collections have something to offer every type of recipient.

Surprise your loved one with a personalized pinata that charts their milestones through photos (like these above). They also make great gifts for anniversaries, graduations, and weddings.

Personalized Star Maps / Constellation Charts

A special moment in life—like your wedding night or the birth of a child—can make you feel as though the stars aligned perfectly. You can capture that memory with our personalized star maps as beautiful printed wall art.

Just supply the date and location; our interactive sky map will display how the constellations looked on that memorable night. You can also add a message to create an even more meaningful gift. Several color palettes, font families, and design options are available to create your perfect star map print.

Personalized Leather Purses / Bags

For the girl on the go, these one-of-a-kind leather purses and bags are hard-wearing and personalized with designs, artwork, and illustrations in long-lasting, high-definition colors. They also feature durable leather straps and a sturdy zip closure.

For guys, check out this leather backpack that doubles as a briefcase and can be debossed with initials for an extra charge.

Alternatively, get him a music lover’s gift commemorating their first dance with this unique art piece from the exclusive Minted + Brides Gifts Collection.

Personalized Photo Prints

Make your loved one’s next milestone birthday extra special with this personalized retro viewer featuring photos of them at different ages. It is a great way to illustrate the journey to their latest birthday and can be customized with names or other text to highlight admirable qualities.

Another top pick is this personalized text art portrait, highlighting the recipient’s notable qualities and emphasizing their favorite traits. It can be personalized with their name and birth date, a special message or quote, or a wedding location and year.

Personalized Retro Viewer

Take a stroll down memory lane with this custom retro viewer set. It is the perfect present for capturing those special memories—from — from baby’s first steps to a favorite vacation spot or holiday office party. The stereoscopic view provides a charm you cannot get from a digital photo presentation and is a fun alternative to a regular photo print.

Each set includes a custom Image3D reel and a solid retro viewer. A gift card with a code is included that allows your recipient to upload their individualized reel.

Personalized Team T-Shirts

Whether the league champions or the underdogs, any sports team can build a sense of unity and togetherness with custom-designed team shirts. The shirts foster team spirit and make it easier for spectators and judges to identify players during competitions.

Personalized team t-shirts also help to present the team with a professional, polished image that leaves a lasting impression on supporters and rivals alike. They can even be used as fundraisers to support team-related expenses.

Personalized Folded Book Art

Give a gift that’s truly unique with these beautiful folded book art sculptures. They are crafted from the pages of actual books and make perfect personalized gifts for librarians or book lovers.

Tug at your geeky better half’s heartstrings with this personalized comic book that chronicles your relationship creatively and romantically. It is the perfect gift for almost any occasion!

Showcase their favorite photo on a high-quality pallet made from thick, premium wood. It is the perfect customized gift box for anyone who loves their home.

Personalized Photo Reel

Give that special someone the gift of their favorite memories with this fun, personalized photo reel. They can add their name and up to eight images to the reel for a truly unique and thoughtful gift.

Relive your childhood nostalgia with this grown-up version of one of your most beloved gadgets, the retro viewer. Pop your custom reel into the viewer to relive the baby’s first steps, a sunset beach walk, or anything else you want to be immortalized on film.

Personalized Wooden Wine Crate

Wine lovers appreciate a bottle of wine, but a personalized wooden wine crate elevates that gift to the next level. Engraving their name, date, or message creates an enduring present.

Several retailers have options for engraving a wine-customized gift box. You can find a variety of styles of engraved wooden crates that come with a lazy susan (wine is not included). Their wine crates can be customized, but their shipping policies vary by state.

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